Baltimore Roof Trust 2020


Last year, we began the journey of the Baltimore Roof Trust. We created this project as a means to give back to the local community that has allowed us to thrive. In 2020, we had the privilege to give three new roofs to deserving recipients in Baltimore. Getting to scale this project up so quickly has been very exciting for the entire Four Twelve team. Today, we wanted to highlight the 2020 recipients and look ahead at the future of the Baltimore Roof Trust.

 What is the Baltimore Roof Trust?

The Baltimore Roof Trust was started by Four Twelve Roofing in 2019. This program allows for members of the Baltimore community to nominate those in need of a new roof on their home or property, free of charge. It is our way of giving back to the Baltimore community and helping provide a safer, more comfortable home for those who are in need. To learn about our 2019 recipient, check out last year’s feature piece. When we started the project, we were only capable of supplying one roof. Since then, our company has grown, and so has the scope of the project, allowing us to provide three recipients with new roofs.

Meet the Recipients

We had the pleasure of receiving several nominations, and we selected those we thought could most benefit from the project.

Family Survivor Network

Our first recipient was the Family Survivor Network. This non-profit provides assistance to those who have had a family member lose their life to violence. They provide material, mental, and emotional support to families across Baltimore. Their non-profit headquarters had an old, damaged roof. Due to the damage, they could not turn on the building’s heat because doing so would create substantial water leaks within the building. Four Twelve provided the Family Survivor Network with a roof so that they could comfortably maintain their operations, and continue the fantastic work they do assisting the Baltimore community.


A Baltimore City native, Gerald spent his life as a hard worker to help provide for his family. However, when he became ill and could no longer work, he needed assistance from his family to help with bills. After receiving so much help, he felt he couldn’t ask his family to help fix his aged roof. Four Twelve was able to provide Gerald with a roof, and help take a financial burden off the plate of him and his family.


Molly inherited her childhood home. However, a damaged roof made it extremely difficult to maintain the house, and her family faced the possibility of losing the home. Four Twelve provided a new roof to help keep the family home with Molly.

The Future of the Baltimore Roof Trust

We’re honored to see how this program has grown and to be able to help those around us. Being able to ramp up capacity of the roofs we can provide in such a short time has been exciting, and we can’t wait to see how the project will grow in the future. Pam Stein, the co-founder of the Family Survivor Network, also noted the potential for the BRT model to be replicated by other businesses across the city who have the ability to provide their specialties and services to those in need, and help bring the Baltimore community closer together as a whole.

If you’d like to nominate a recipient for the 2021 Baltimore Roof Trust, click here.

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