Casement Windows Baltimore

Four Twelve is a top window installer in Baltimore due to our expertise and professional integrity. Our casement windows come in different grid patterns and colors so that they can be effortlessly used in a variety of applications.

Comprehensive Window Installation in Baltimore

At Four Twelve, we have been committed to providing professional window replacement services in Baltimore MD since 2013. We continue our tradition of combining high-quality products with expert craftsmanship and industry-leading customer service in order to provide the absolute best in window replacements.

The windows in a home not only add to the visual appeal but also greatly contribute to energy efficiency. Four Twelve offers windows that combine functionality, appearance, and insulation to cover a variety of scenarios. We offer a wide range of window options that allow us to provide a fit appropriate for every individual lifestyle.

Versatile Casement Windows

Casement windows are adaptable while retaining their classic look and modern energy efficiency. Our expert estimation team will work closely with you to find the best fit for your house and personal situation.   

Our expert window installers in Baltimore are able to provide a comprehensive look at which option will fit best in your home. Casement windows are a popular option, offering a variety fo benefits to homeowners. 


Enjoy effortless functionality for years to come. Our casement windows come equipped with a heavy-duty positive crank mechanism which ensures an easy opening and closing of the sash.

Energy Efficient

Windows can be the most compromised area of a home in terms of insulation. Casement windows offer a solution by way of a double compression bulb seal, maximizing insulation and energy efficiency.


When making renovations to a home, durability should be of high importance. A home should be built to last, as should the components that go into its construction. Our casement windows feature stainless steel hardware that ensures the functionality of the window has a long life free of rust and degradation. 

Industry-leading Window Replacement in Baltimore Maryland

Four Twelve’s expert team of representatives will work closely with you to formulate a window replacement plan that is custom fit to your specific needs. Complete the application below to get in touch with one of our experts and see for yourself the difference Four Twelve can make for you and your home.

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