Composite Siding Baltimore

At Four Twelve, we bring together the important components that are necessary to facilitate a positive exterior remodeling experience for every client’s project that we take on. Through comprehensive customer service, high-quality products, and expert craftsmanship, Four Twelve is Baltimores’ premier choice for professional exterior remodeling services.

Composite Siding Options That Make Sense For You

Four Twelve was created with the goal of improving people’s lives through expert exterior remodeling services. By offering the best products available, paired with the expertise of our installation specialists, we provide customers with the best exterior remodeling service available.

Composite siding is a unique alternative to a traditional vinyl siding while still bringing its own set of benefits to the table. Maintaining the classic aesthetic of wooden siding, composite siding has a beautiful appearance that has the durability and low maintenance of modern siding. 

Give Your Home a Face Lift with Composite Siding

Composite siding holds one of the best overall values on the market when compared to other siding options. With an elegant look, ease of installation, and low maintenance, composite siding is an excellent choice for those looking to boost the value of their home as well as its life span and visual appeal.

Beautiful Aesthetic

The deeply grained real wood look of composite siding is the solution to keeping the aesthetic of wood siding while using a composition that retains its modern benefits. Achieve the classic wooden look without compromising on efficiency and life span.

Elite Performance

Long-lasting, durable, and easy installation are just a few of the attributes that contribute to the elite performance that comes with composite siding. Composite siding will continue to maintain its “just installed” look and provide superior protection year after year.

Mininmal Maintenance

Once the composite siding is implemented into your home, it’s there to stay. With minimal maintenance, the composite siding will retain its durability and functionality.

Comprehensive Composite Siding Installation in Baltimore

Since 2013, Four Twelve has served Baltimore and the surrounding areas with top-tier, comprehensive exterior remodeling service. We cover jobs of all shapes and sizes and are eager to provide our expertise to every home project that we take on. Fill out the form below to get started today! 

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