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At Four Twelve, we put the interests and desires of the clients we serve at the forefront of every project we take on. As Baltimores’ fastest-growing exterior remodeling company, we strive to continue earning our professional reputation.

Industry-Leading Wood Window Replacement in Baltimore

Our team is eager to take on your exterior remodeling project. Whether it be windows, shutters, doors, or siding, our team of experienced craftsmen will handle it with careful expertise to ensure elegant results.

Wood windows have long been the traditional choice before the introduction of alternate materials. This does not mean that they are even close to an inferior choice. The wood composition offers better insulation than any other type of material while maintaining its classic and beautiful aesthetic.

Varied Options for Window Installation in Baltimore

Our wood windows are available in a wide range of configurations to be able to provide a perfect fit for all scenarios. Not only do they offer the best insulation, but wooden windows also are one of the least expensive types of windows to install and are easily malleable if they need to be refitted. 

Classic Aesthetic

For centuries, wooden windows have been used to create beautiful shapes and elegant aesthetics. With their classic appearance, they can be used in many ways to make a definitive impact on the look of a home.

Superior Insulation

Wood is by far the best insulation material. Having airspaces within the wood prevents the temperature from coming in or escaping far better than wood or steel.   

Adds Value

Recognized for their visual appeal, wooden windows can add value to a home. Resale value is important and with the long-lasting durability of wooden windows, they are sure to add to the desirability of your home.

A Team Dedicated to Successful Wood Window Installation in Baltimore MD

We are driven to improve your home through expert craftsmanship and high-quality products. Since 2013, Four Twelve has been making positive impacts on homes throughout Baltimore. If you are ready to see the difference that wooden window replacements can make in your home, fill out the form and get connected with a Four Twelve representative today!

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