Sliding and Patio Doors Baltimore

Sliding and patio doors help create a more dynamic, livable space with increased light, ease-of-use, and superior airflow. Explore excellent sliding and patio doors in Baltimore today.

Sliding and Patio Doors That Make Sense for Your Life

What does it mean when doors improve livability? Homes tend to be more comfortable with better natural light, increased airflow, and ease-of-use for additions to the house. Sliding and patio doors encompass all of these traits, allowing you to build a more cohesive connection with the outdoors. 

At Four Twelve, our expert, professional team can help guide you through sliding and patio door options to ensure you land on the right product for your needs. We can’t wait to help you make your home more comfortable and build the space you truly want to be in. 

Diverse Patio and Sliding Door Options

Sliding and patio doors are often used to more logically segment access to outdoor spaces that are private, like backyards, sideyards, or decks. We are proud to offer a diverse selection of Provia sliding and patio doors that make sense for your budget and lifestyle. 

Let the Light In

One huge bonus of these doors is that they increase the amount of light that can come in, creating comfortable interior spaces that feel less separate from outside. 


Sliding and patio doors also create a clear view outside, allowing you to take in the day, or see what’s happening in your yard. It’s a touch many of our clients have appreciated in their patio door installations. 


A well-designed sliding door should be easy to use, and easy to secure. We’re proud to carry Provia doors because of their thoughtful design features that ensure they slide smoothly with ease. No jamming, sticking, or feeling cumbersome to move when you want to go outside.

Baltimore's Premier Provider of Sliding and Patio Doors

If you’re in need of sliding and patio door installation in Baltimore, look no further than one of the region’s most celebrated exterior remodeling companies. 

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