What Does a Shingle Roof Replacement Cost in Maryland?



Replacing your roof is a major renovation that ensures that your home will be protected from the natural elements for decades to come. Being that a roof is a house’s main protectant, it is vital that it is maintained and if need be, replaced entirely. Taking preemptive measures can avoid a catastrophic roof failure. By becoming aware of the factors and expenses, you can gain an understanding of what it would cost for a shingle roof replacement in Maryland.  

Signs That Your Roof Needs Replacing

When looking for indicators that your roof is damaged and needs replacement, be sure to make a thorough assessment. Some damages are obvious but others can be invisible to the untrained eye. Always pay attention to your roof and schedule regular inspections. Below is a list of telltale signs that you should look for that indicate a roof is experiencing some sort of degradation. 

  • Shingles Cracking Curling or Blistering
    • As the top layer, one of the first things homeowners will notice is the cracking, curling and blistering of the shingles. This suggests that some sort of water damage has occurred. Other causes include rapid temperature fluctuation or falling debris. Once the top layer of shingles is compromised, the rest of the roof’s layers are susceptible to damage from the elements.  
  • Roof Looks Saggy
    • If you notice a sag in your roof, then there are some serious underlying problems. This indicates that water has made its way through the first layer of shingles and has begun to rot and damage the under layers. This can lead to a total collapse of a roof if it is not promptly taken care of. 
  • Shingle Granules in Gutter
    • Shingles are one of the best materials to use on your roof. However, they are still susceptible to deterioration over time. If you notice a dark sand-like material in your gutters then it is time to replace your shingles.
  • Dark Spots or Mildew on Roof
    • Dark spots and mildew is a direct result of moisture building up within the roof’s layers. If you notice mildew on your roof, schedule a professional inspection to reveal the extent of the water damage. By taking care of this in a timely fashion, total roof replacement can be avoided.
  • Water Damage Inside Home
    • If you notice any water marks or damage within the interior of your home, then your roof has been compromised and a total replacement is more than likely necessary. Check your attic regularly for leaks and your ceiling for water marks. Dealing with these leaks quickly will avoid more serious damages. 
  • Missing or Damaged Flashing
    • Flashing is usually a metal material that guards the areas susceptible to leaks where shingles cannot be used properly. They can become rusted over time and if you notice they are compromised then there is a high chance of further, unseen impairments. 
  • Older Roof
    • Roof’s will inevitably need to be replaced over extended periods of time. Most asphalt shingle roofs last, on average, 20 to 30 years. If your roof is nearing the end of its expected life span, a professional inspection should be scheduled.
  • Unexplainable Rise in Energy Bill
    • Leaks in a home’s roof can cause an unexpected and unexplainable rise in your monthly energy bill. This occurs when the heat from the home escapes out of the damaged part of the roof. The only noticeable indicator might be an influx of your energy costs. 

Cost Factors

The cost of a shingle roof replacement in Maryland is based on a variety of factors. Not only does the roof’s construction contain several layers and components but the logistics that go into the labor, acquisition of material and permits also makes up a large portion of the costs. Becoming educated in what goes into a roof replacement will prepare you for the potential expenditure needed. 

  • Roof Type & Material
    • Roofs with a steep slope cause a difficult working environment. The harder the roof is to work on the more it’s going to cost. The material should also be considered. In this case, the cost of the shingles used will vary depending on area and quality. Discuss the options of material sources with your roofer to ensure you get the best deal.
  • Labor
    • Different roofing companies will give different estimates on cost of labor. The cost of labor is incorporated into every line of an estimate. The line will include the price of the material and the labor it will take to install it. Be sure to discuss how much labor will cost and how much labor time you will potentially have to pay for. 
  • Old Roof Removal
    • The beginning step is removing the old layers of the damaged roof. Find out how many layers need to be removed before any construction starts. If your contractor quotes you at one layer and later requires two layers, the final cost will go up exponentially. 
  • Clean Up & Debris Removal
    • Another factor that goes hand in hand with old roof removal is the clean up and disposal of the debris. All of the material of the old roof must be removed from the property and this will be included in the quote. The larger the roof, the more material will need to be disposed of, in turn increasing the cost of removal. 
  • Underlying Repairs
    • If a total roof replacement is necessary then further repairs are also likely required. Once the roof’s integrity is compromised, underlying components are exposed to the elements leading to potential damage. Once the old roof is removed, the condition of the underlying areas can be thoroughly assessed. 
  • Product & Supplier
    • The product used in a new roof’s construction varies between suppliers. Before any construction begins, the material and supplier should be selected and an accurate estimate of the cost should be included in the quote. Naturally, a bigger roof will require more material and will cost more.
  • Location
    • Location is a factor the most people typically ignore when figuring out what your shingle roof replacement will cost. The distance that the roofers have to travel to the property and the property itself will change the cost. If your property is complicated to work on, it will be factored into your labor costs. 
  • Code/Permits
    • The cost of permits varies depending on location. It will be factored into your estimate. 
  • Warranties
    • There are two main types of warranties that go into a roof replacement. The first is a warranty on materials and will differ depending on the company the material is sourced from. The second is workmanship warranty and guarantees. This covers complications that can arise during the removal and installation labor.

Average Costs

Now that you have an understanding of identifying when your roof needs to be replaced and what factors go into costs, we can look at the average cost range of the different aspects that go into the shingle roof replacement in Maryland.  Size is the biggest factor in determining overall price. As a loose estimate, homeowners can expect to pay $5 – $11 per square foot. 

  • Removal
    • Removal greatly depends on the condition of the roof that needs removing. If the condition of the old roof is in shambles, it will cost more to remove. This step can cost from $1000 – $1500 but can change depending on the old roof’s condition. 
  • Repair 
    • Repairs also can have a wide range of costs and are impossible to quantify due to the variety of problems that could need repair. On average, homeowners can expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $2000. Some homes might not need any restorations and some might require extensive repairs. 
  • Material
    • The materials used make up to 40% of the total costs on average but the source can be decided by the homeowner. The option to go with a more economical brand is usually available. Thankfully, asphalt shingles are one of the most cost effective roofing materials. Homeowners can expect a range of $150 – $1500, depending on the choice of materials.
  • Labor
    • Typically the most expensive aspect of a roof replacement is the labor. On average, roofers charge $75 – $200 per hour. 

A lot of factors go into the cost of a shingle roof replacement in Maryland. If you notice that your roof is compromised or if your roof is getting old, do not wait. Promptly schedule a professional inspection to avoid further damage and costly repairs. For all of your roofing needs, be sure to contact the professional team at Four Twelve Roofing. Call or visit our website today to receive your free estimate.


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