Preparing Your Roof for the Summer Storm Season


With the harsh winter storms behind us, the summer season is waiting just around the corner and with it comes harmful storms that can wreak havoc on your roof. Maintaining the integrity of your roof is the best defense against the brutal nature of a summer storm. By taking preventive measures, you can minimize your chances of catastrophic roof failure. When it comes to preventing disaster, there is actually a lot you can do and by taking these actions you can properly prepare your roof for the summer storm season.  

Schedule an Inspection

Routine inspections done by a professional can help to identify problems and weak points that otherwise would be near impossible to spot. A professional can also identify where there is degradation in vital areas, and recommend maintenance as a preventative measure. Preparing your roof for summer means dealing with problems caused by the winter.

Cleanout Gutters and Downspouts

Gutters and downspouts allow for the water on your roof to flow off. However, if these are blocked or clogged, water will build up and remain on the roof causing decay and rot. Regular cleaning of gutters is vital to the lifespan of a roof. This also includes clearing debris on your roof that hasn’t made its way down into the gutters. Preventive care is the best way to avoid costly damages

Check Large Trees Near House and Trim Overhanging Branches

Anything that hangs over your roof poses a threat and could cause major damages. Check the area above your roof for any overhanging branches and have them trimmed away from your house. Taking this step in preparing your roof lowers the chances that a broken branch falls onto your house during a summer storm.

Secure Loose Items

Summer storms can often produce high winds. From lawn chairs and umbrellas to gardening tools and kids toys, just about anything left out that can catch a heavy gust of wind will become a dangerous projectile. With enough velocity they can puncture your roof and break your windows. Therefore, in preparation for summer, it is best to secure loose items around the house to ensure that they are not swept away. Either fixing the items to something secure or storing them away will prevent them from turning into dangerous objects traveling at high velocity. 

Insurance Policy

Be sure to make yourself aware of what is covered in your insurance policy. Photo documentation is pivotal in providing the insurance company with an assessment of damages that were caused by the storm. Keep a physical copy around incase of a power outage. Staying on top of what roof damages are covered in your policy will alleviate the initial stress and worry should your roof be impaired. 

Have a Temporary Fix Ready and Available

If preventive measures are neglected and damages are inflicted on your roof, be prepared to make temporary repairs. If the worst does occur, you want to make sure that you have something available to prevent further complications. For example, if a large branch falls on your roof and causes a hole, have a tarp ready to cover it up. While this might seem like an ineffective repair, placing a tarp over a hole in the roof will work wonders in preventing further damages in the time it takes to have a professional roofer come out and make the necessary repairs. When preparing your roof for summer, be sure to consider all of the possible situations and have a plan set in place for all potential scenarios

Preparing your roof for the summer storm season is the best thing you can do to avoid costly repairs. If you’re looking for a professional inspection that will ensure that your roof is in good shape and ready for summer, contact Four Twelve Roofing today!  


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